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GARMEF being a recent proprietorship has set is standards way to high in the market. The optimism and dedications run throughout the flow chart of the company, and it is because of this attitude that we have established a strong base in the apparel export space.

GARMEF commits, communicates and delivers quality at all levels – choosing the right suppliers, the right staff and most importantly the right attitude towards work.

Mr. Sharad Mundra has been the sole reason for this entity. He brings with him the right dedication and motivation to work.

The main objective that has being engraved throughout our working is to provide complete customer satisfaction by delivering quality products on time at the most competitive prices.


We create fashions with colors and styling  in time with the global trends.

Our product range consists of Hi- Fashion ladies garments, Casual wear- Skirts, Tops, Tunics, Dresses, Night Wear, Kids wear and other Casual ladies wear.

The fabric range we use is quite extensive which includes cotton, viscose, sheeting, lycra, flax, twill, drill, polyesters and many other woven fabrics. We also work in vast range of qualities and counts of knitted fabrics and have an excellent source of dedicated and informative suppliers.

Garmef is a fully equipped production unit with the most advance state of the art machines
Situated in the ‘GARMENT ZONE’. We possess a complete in house facility of designing, cutting, stitching, checking, washing, finishing, pressing and packing. Every department is controlled and coordinated by a highly qualified and experienced team.

We are a growing organization and today have 297 people working under the same roof on a full time basis; our staff is well motivated and are trained to work hand in hand as a team to achieve one aim of providing COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

The list of machinery is as follows :
. Juki Single Needle lock stitch Machiners-150units
. Juki Overlock 3 & 5 Thread- 22 units
. Juki Flat and folding Machines – 5 units
. Juki Kaj Button set – 2 units
. kansai 12 needle Pin-tucking machine – 1 unit
. Zig - Zag Stitch Machine – 14 Units
. Layer cutting Machines – 2 Units
. Hole Making Machine – 1 Unit
. Snap Button Machine – 2 Unit
. Stream Boiler – 2 Unit
. Ironing table – 11 Units
. Carton Strapping Machine – 1 Unit
. Washing Machine – 50 Kgs
. Tumbler – 25 Kgs
. Dryer – 30 Kgs
. Hashima Fusing Machine – 1 Unit

All of this sum up to just one thing and that is adding value in our service. We with the help of our team and equipment can provide up to 1500 units of excellent quality per day.




Garmef religiously acknowledges and follows positive social responsibility.

It is not something that we are forced to take up commercially but something that comes from within, its our yearn to serve or help the society in someway or the other.

We provide free education to ten students each year, hoping to help them get out of the poverty line and make a mark in the upcoming commercial and competitive world.

Further to this we donate water coolers in the rural areas around the Deserts in Rajasthan to help the needy to survive in the extreme climate conditions.

Garmef is committed to the adjective ‘Recycle’ In a very passionate way, where we feel good about our deeds and help in preserving natural resource.

We run a department to serve the social cause.  And it makes us feel good!


We at Garmef are truly devoted in assuring complete customer satisfaction. Our ability
Is to provide service in time with the most competitive prices by proper planning & co-ordination, waste reduction and good management which helps us maintain long term steady relationship with our buyers.

We have grown from time to time proving excellence and complete dedication at our
Work. The growth is only because of the ethics of customer satisfaction spread across the company.

We research and feed our buyers with current and forecasted trends, helping them with every possible aspect. A devoted merchandising team helps us understand, what exactly the buyer is looking for, we correspond regularly and update our buyers with the production status providing them a step to step planned procedure of their order.

Quality is our priority, and at every stages of production the team is liaised to follow it,
Quality is a pledge we undertake at the start of the day, and to follow that pledge is our religion.



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